【Announcement No.10】Opinions on Implementing Differentiated Measures to Prevent and Control the COVID-19 Epidemic in Yunnan

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  February 19,2020

Opinions on Implementing Differentiated Measures to Prevent and Control the COVID-19 Epidemic in Yunnan

Announcement No.10

  Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Yunnan Province

  To implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions of “fighting against the epidemic in a science-based and targeted way” and the requirement of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Yunnan Province of “shifting from comprehensive control to targeted and focused control”, the following arrangement is hereby made to control the epidemic in Yunnan with differentiated measures.

  1. Principles of zoning and grading

  1.1 Science-based assessment. The county-level regions shall be assessed and graded as high,medium, and low risk based on such factors as accumulated confirmed cases,latest epidemic trend, second-generation cases, and cluster-infected cases.

  1.2 Targeted measures.  Every county-level region shall formulate their own prevention and control plan according to the local conditions and this guideline.

  1.3 Dynamic adjustment. Every county-level region shall dynamically assess the epidemicrisk and adjust the prevention and control measures accordingly.

  2. Grading standards

  Low risk region: Regions with no confirmed cases, or no new confirmed cases for 14consecutive days.

  Mediumrisk region: Regions with new confirmed cases within 14 days and fewer than 50 accumulated confirmed cases; regions with over 50 accumulated confirmed casesand no cluster-infected cases within 14 days.

  Highrisk region: Regions with more than 50 accumulated confirmed cases and any cluster-infected cases within 14 days.

  3.Prevention and control measures

  3.1 Minimize the risk of imported cases

  All the people entering Yunnan shall be subject to classified management, and shal lfill in the Personal Health Declaration Form and test temperature at airports,train stations, expressways, and trunk road junctions with neighboring provinces/regions. Those with fever, cough or other symptoms shall bequarantined and monitored in the above-mentioned places.

  3.1.1 All the people from cities/prefectures of Hubei Province under travel restrictions shall be asked to return.

  3.1.2 For people from other cities/prefectures of Hubei Province, those with employeror fixed abode in Yunnan shall be quarantined at designated centers for 14days; and those without employer or fixed abode in Yunnan shall be asked toreturn.

  3.1.3 People from other worst-affected areas shall fill in the Personal Health Declaration Form and be quarantined at home or in designated centers for 14 days. The quarantined residents at home shall observe community management.

   3.1.4 People from other areas shall fill in the Personal Health Declaration Form upontheir arrival in Yunnan.

  3.2 Graded management for different regions

  3.2.1 The economic and social order shall be fully resumed in low risk regions.


  (a) Smooth traffic shall be maintained, and lock-down of roads, villages, communities and markets shall be strictly prohibited.

  (b) The normal work and production shall be fully restored. Local authorities shall help enterprises to overcome such difficulties as shortage of workforce, raw materials, fund, and equipment, and shall not restrict the resumption of work by imposing unnecessary approval and registering procedures.

  (c) The urban communities and rural villages shall practice grid-based management forall the visitors. Epidemic monitoring shall be strengthened at key sites,including urban villages, suburbs, factories, mines and construction sites.

  (d) The medical institutions shall strengthen the management of triage and fever clinics, and investigate all the patients with fever and cough timely. Designated areas in hospitals and quarantine centers shall be kept for use.

  (e) The Clean-up Campaign shall be stepped up to ensure a clean environment and enhanced public awareness of health.

  (f) Close attention shall be paid to the epidemic updates of neighboring regions. The risk level and control measures shall be adjusted in due time according to dynamic assessment.

  3.2.2 The economic and social order shall be resumed gradually in medium risk regions.

  (a) For townships, sub-districts, and urban and rural communities free of confirmed cases, measures shall be taken by reference to those of the lowrisk regions toensure resumption of transportation, work and production and to reopen scenic spots.

(b) Work and production shall be resumed while fighting against the epidemic.Enterprises shall fulfill their responsibilities of epidemic control by providing their staff with necessary protective equipment and conducting such measures as keeping sound ventilation, disinfection, and body temperature monitoring in their workplaces.

(c) All confirmed and suspected patients shall be admitted into designated hospitals while carriers with no symptoms need to be treated as confirmed patients. Efforts shall be made to reduce severe and fatal cases.

  (d) Contact tracing shall be strictly conducted, and all the close contacts shall be quarantined at designated centers so as to contain second-generation and cluster-infected cases.

  (e) Quarantine and closed management shall be applied to the premise with confirmed cases.

  (f) Regions free of new confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days could be re-gradedas low risk accordingly.

  3.2.3 Strict measures shall be adopted in high risk regions to contain importation of cases and intra-city transmission.

  (a) Premises with confirmed cases shall be quarantined. If there arecluster-infected cases in residential quarters or village communities, the infected area will be locked down.

 (b) Efforts shall be made toensure the operation of key enterprises related to epidemic control, public utilities, life necessities, and economy. Other enterprises shall resume operation in a flexible way. Enterprises with confirmed cases must immediately suspend production until further assessment.

 (c) Such group activities as conventions, exhibitions, performances, sports events,group dinners, and other recreational activities shall be halted.

  (d) Effective measures shall be taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic to neighboring regions. If necessary, region-wide transport restrictions shall beput into place after application and approval.

  (e) Regions free of new confirmed cases for14 consecutive days could be re-gradedas mediumrisk accordingly.

  3.3 Epidemic prevention and control in key places

 3.3.1 The policy of scanning QR code of the WeChat mini program “Fighting against NCP in Yunnan” shall be implemented across the province, especially in public places with frequent people flows and public transport. QR code scanning at such places as residential quarters, schools and workplaces shall be voluntary.

  3.3.2 The opening date of schools at all levels across the province will be announced later.

  4. Work requirements

 4.1 Local authorities shall fulfill their due responsibilities to control the epidemic. By making concerted efforts with confidence and resolve and in ascience-based and targeted way, local authorities shall formulate and implement targeted measures as per the risk level.Fighting against the epidemic and the resumption of work and production shall be promoted in parallel so as to gradually restore economic and social order.

  4.2 Law-based measures must be stressed. Any excessive or extreme measure must be corrected. Any one-size-fits-all measure, any move for competition,or any actthat increases burden on lower-ranking authorities shall be prohibited.

  In case of any discrepancy between this Announcement and the previous ones, this Announcement shall prevail.

  Attachment: Risk Levels of COVID-19 in 129 Counties/County-level Cities/Districts of Yunnan Province